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The effects of pregnancy and delivery, natural hormonal fluctuations, and menopause, can take a toll on your feminine wellness. But with MonaLisa Touch® vaginal revitalization treatments offered by board-certified gynecologist Andrea N. Price, MD, FACOG, of Women's Center for Integrative Health, you can restore your youthful feminine area and stop all of those uncomfortable gynecological issues. Find out if MonaLisa Touch is right for you by booking a consultation at this Eatontown, New Jersey, based women’s health clinic. Schedule online or over the phone.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a groundbreaking vaginal revitalization laser system designed to harness the power of your body’s ability to heal itself. Treatments involve placing a small probe into your vaginal canal and moving it over delicate tissues internally and externally. 

The system delivers gentle CO2 fractional laser energy deep down into soft tissues, which elevates vaginal tissues to therapeutic levels. New skin tissues start forming and fibrous connective tissues — like collagen — begin stacking neatly on top of one another for superior skin tightening. 

MonaLisa Touch truly helps your body create new vaginal tissues, without pain, surgery, or needles. You start noticing all of the benefits of MonaLisa Touch shortly after your very first treatment. 

How can MonaLisa Touch help me?

MonaLisa Touch treatment packages from Women's Center for Integrative Health are designed to improve your feminine wellness and help you feel more confident. This innovative treatment might be the right choice for you if you experience any of the following issues.

  • Feminine area looseness
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Bladder leakage
  • Vulvar itching/Lichen Sclerosis

MonaLisa Touch can help with all of these issues — and more — with little-to-no downtime needed. Plus, most vaginal revitalization treatments take less than 10 minutes, so you can easily come into Women's Center for Integrative Health during your lunch break.

When do MonaLisa Touch treatments start working?

It's normal to experience mild vaginal discharge after your MonaLisa Touch session. You can resume intercourse three days post-treatment. During this time, Dr. Price recommends avoiding sexual intercourse, wearing tampons, or performing vigorous activities, so your delicate tissues can heal.

After that point, you should start noticing the benefits of MonaLisa Touch right away, with continuing improvements day after day. For optimal results, you might need two to three MonaLisa Touch sessions, each spaced 40-60 days apart. But when you come into Women's Center for Integrative Health, Dr. Price can let you know how many MonaLisa Touch treatments you’re probably going to need.

Book your MonaLisa Touch consultation at Women's Center for Integrative Health today. Click on the online scheduler or call the office to speak with a team member. 

Individual results may vary.