“Are your hidden food allergies making you fat?”

Can’t you enjoy certain foods or do they cause adverse reactions? Do they induce your headaches, digestion problems, flatulence, arthritis and overweight? In this case, the ALCAT test could help you. This is an analytic probe, which investigates how each organism metabolizes the food. It is based on the blood analysis through which the reaction to about 100 food extracts is investigated and their “toxicity” is observed. In fact, it measures the susceptibility of the blood cells to react to certain aliments. This method is much healthier when you are trying to lose weight. Your organism can experience two types of allergic reactions to aliments: towards an aliment to the previous exposure to it or direct intolerance towards a specific food. The symptoms of these reactions can vary between patients, and can be acute or chronic.

The ALCAT test has already helped improve the health of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who suffer from a wide range of symptoms and illnesses, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis, obesity, chronic fatigue, migraines, intestinal problems, and childhood illnesses such as attention deficit disorder.

The ALCAT test can pinpoint your personal “trigger foods”, foods as common as oranges or wheat, that are causing you health problems and can give you clues on how to avoid the overweight. By eliminating those trigger foods, you will lose weight and regain your health and energy naturally, but this is not the case of each obesity case. The test is especially useful for those persons who, after a clinical history, need a procedure of diagnosis and treatment of the alimentary intolerance which affects their health.

For the moment, the ALCAT test is extremely effective in detecting intolerance to nuts, species, sea foods, celery, eggs, milk, cheese and some fruits and vegetables. These food items can induce a inappropriate metabolisation in some individuals. This test does not have any contraindications, as it is not a treatment; it just helps the diagnosis in case of food intolerance. But an incorrect use of the test is produced when the clinical history and other medical explorations show that we have an allergy and not an intolerance.

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