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An open letter to Teens from Dr. Price



Teen Gynecology

Dear Teen,

Welcome to Women’s Center for Integrative Health. What an exciting time this must be for you, as a young woman in this age of the Internet, diverse music, iPads, sports, texting, hobbies, academics and that strange species you find yourself noticing more and more from a distance – namely “Boys!” It is important for you to start thinking about your female health now, in order to prevent problems in the future. I can explain how preventive healthcare and annual visits can help ensure better overall wellness, both now as you develop, and in the future.

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I understand that your teenage years can be a very confusing time. Your body is changing, and you probably have many questions. You may not always be comfortable talking to your parents. Maybe you sense that your parents are a bit uncomfortable with the subject, too. More than often, your friends might act like they know everything, but you suspect some of this is just “big talk” or “flossing” and not likely based on medical facts. Your hunch is correct!

I want you to know that I understand your concerns. I have been a physician for over 15 years, and also have a young daughter. More so, I was once a teenage girl myself – not too long ago! You do not have to be embarrassed to ask me about anything that concerns you. I will answer all of your questions honestly and give you all of the facts you need.

Rest assured, our conversations will be held strictly confidential. Know that I will never tell your parents what we talk about in privacy, unless you give me written permission. Not only is that my firm policy, it is also the law. I will however, encourage you to become comfortable talking to your parents.

Finally, you might be worried that your visit to my practice will involve an uncomfortable exam. This is usually not the case. Most of your visit will involve sitting together in my office and talking about teen health and anything that concerns you. Again, feel free to ask me about anything you like.

Meeting teens for their first appointment, along with delivering babies, is truly the greatest joy in my job. My most frequent prescription to all women, young and old, is to “~ Love Thyself.”  I look forward to meeting you, laughing and sharing.



Dr. Andi


Dr. Andi wholeheartedly supports Pacer Center’s Teens Against Bullying

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