Spectracell Laboratories





“Fatigued? Not feeling yourself?   You may have micronutrient deficiency.  Our clinical tests can find details that normal “blood work“ will not reveal.”

SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc., is a specialized clinical testing laboratory company, established in 1993 to commercialize a patented, groundbreaking technology for micronutrient testing. The technology was developed at the University of Texas, by the Clayton Foundation for Research, as a diagnostic blood test for helping clinicians assess the intracellular function of essential micronutrients.

Since acquiring the rights to the technology, SpectraCell has become the premier provider of tests for identifying subclinical nutritional deficiencies. SpectraCell’s corporate headquarters recently expanded its state-of-the-art facilities to encompass 30,000 square feet of laboratory and administrative space. This expansion was undertaken in response to the growth in demand for nutritional and cardiovascular testing clients have generated, for which they are sincerely appreciative.

Spectracell’s expanded laboratory enables them to handle increasing volumes while also providing the framework in which they can continue to develop additional tests while continuously maintaining their standards of high scientific quality. In short, SpectraCell expect to serve you even better in the future. We serve the entire United States and several foreign countries.

A Window on Intracellular Function
WCIHNJ is passionate about our business – and committed to our client practitioners and their patients. We believe that optimal individual nutritional status is vital for promoting general health and preventing many specific diseases.