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The MediSlim by Dr. O Weight Loss System


Are you ready for lifestyle changes so that you can lose weight and keep it off? Nutrition is a vital component of overall health and well-being.  If you’re looking for a gentler, yet still, highly effective method for weight loss while ridding the body of impacted waste and toxins, we recommend MediSlim.  No one way of losing weight can work for everyone and long term weight loss requires changing your lifestyle habits forever.  The Women’s Center aims to give women the tools and knowledge to make healthy eating a regular, simple, enjoyable, everyday occurrence.  Many women aren’t successful in their weight loss efforts because medical issues, such as insulin resistance and food allergies that interfere with weight loss, are not addressed.  We can also help you deal with behavioral issues such as, binge eating, late-night eating and food cravings with judicious use of FDA approved medications where appropriate.  Also, psychological issues for eating, such as emotional eating for comfort and depression will be examined.

WCIHNJ has partnered with MediSlim and Dr. Obuz, who has designed and perfected this program from many years of helping thousands of patients, and studying American Bariatric Society standards.


MediSlim Works as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

We know you are ready to change your destiny. To succeed, it’s very important that you know you have a choice to live your life to the fullest and to educate yourself to make informed health choices. MediSlim scientists have designed our affordable weight loss program in a way to be effective, easy, flexible, and full of variety of options. This is a proven diet system that is effective because its science and evidence-based medicine backed. Partner with a friend to take the journey with you!


Live Life to The Fullest. Live Your Dream.

The MediSlim program is complete, working with your body’s natural processes to bring you quick and consistent weight loss results. You’ll charge up your metabolism with our customized MediSlim Weight Loss Program that uses highly effective special shakes and bars in this phase. We start with attacking oxidative stress and colon health. Within the first 7 days, we want you to experience real results – rapid results that will keep on rewarding you as you get closer and closer your weight loss goal. But it doesn’t stop there. True success means losing weight and keeping it off by moving through 3 phases of the MediSlim Weight Loss system.


Phase 1 – Active Weight Loss: Activate, Boost and Control Phase
ACTIVATE and CLEANSE to “Lose Weight Fast”

Every MediSlim participant will start with our proven detox and antioxidant rich 7 day to dream real week. Our propriety blend antioxidant rich vitamins/minerals and colon cleanse coupled with low calorie diet initiates fast loss and boosts your confidence. While preparing your six weeks to twelve weeks active loss phase, The Women’s Center will take into account your busy lifestyle, activity level and other essentials. From there we will help you set your weight loss goal and date. Our caring staff will make sure you select the best weight loss menu plan either as a complete meal replacement, modified plans or all you can prepare plans. Now you will be on your way with the MediSlim Rapid Results Plan.

By incorporating two MediSlim MediBars and MediShakes™ into each day, cravings will become a thing of the past. Finally, as your body changes, MediSlim’s Dr. O’s Nutritionals™ will supply all the vitamins and minerals you need. Ongoing support from our natural weight loss formula will be your lifesaver at the time of crave and plateau breaker. Capsiate and other in house formulas like SafeSlim will add additional confidence and comfort to your quest for happiness.


Phase 2 – Transition: Weight Loss Stabilization

You’ve reached your weight loss goal! You are awesome and you feel wonderful. Our in house Phd candidate Chef Riza will show you delicious ways of Turks and Mediterranean meals either with video cook dates or Medi-5oo meals to order. We’ll show you how to bring even more food variety to mealtimes, plus you’ll learn everything you need to know to keep your weight right where it needs to be. Our delicious Menu Plan instills healthy eating habits while you enjoy flavorful meals made with real foods right from your local market


Phase 3 – Weight Loss Maintenance

At this phase, Dr. O and the MediSlim team will teach you tips and tricks for- permanent weight loss to  keep you well lifetime. With it comes lasting rewards: improved health, more energy, and you are now looking and feeling better for life. We will keep you abreast and informed via our online newsletters and keep your connection with us lifetime as well. Sharing your testimonies with friends and family about your biggest goals will help you stick to them and up your chances of success.


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