Minimally Invasive Surgery



Gentle, comprehensive evaluation to ensure proper diagnosis and effective treatment 


No one likes to hear that they require surgery. However, if your health is in danger, you may not have a choice about having surgery, but you can definitely decide what type of procedure is performed. At The Women’s Center, you’ll undergo a comprehensive evaluation to ensure proper diagnosis and effective treatment for your overall health. Dr. Price is an award winning physician who has specialized knowledge in the diagnosis, operative and postoperative treatment of countless women’s surgical procedure. Dr. Price may recommend minimally invasive procedures, also called laparoscopic surgery for several conditions including:

• Myomectomy
• Ovarian Cystectomy (removal of Fibroids)
• Hysterectomy
• Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation

The key is educating yourself about your options. Minimally Invasive Surgery uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce the damage to human tissue when performing surgery. Today, minimally invasive techniques offer tremendous breakthroughs and the advantages are amazing. Countless patients experience less blood loss – shorter hospital stays, decreased pain and need for postoperative medications, and faster recovery.
For some conditions, your doctor may recommend robotic surgery. That technology gives your doctor great precision, flexibility and control by providing a magnified, 3-D view of the surgical site. When you have minimally invasive surgery, you’re likely to lose less blood and have less postoperative pain, fewer and smaller scars, and a faster recovery than you would after open surgery. Depending on your condition, you may need only a short hospital stay. The caring and compassionate staff at WCIHNJ is standing by to assist you today.


Why choose The Women’s Center for Integrative Health?

Experience. WCIHNJ doctors have been leaders in minimally invasive surgery and perform many of these procedures each year.

Expertise. WCIHNJ doctors are experienced in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Team approach. WCIHNJ’s teams of doctors, specialists and other medical professionals work together with a focus on continually improving patient care and safety. As a group, our goal is to look at the big picture of the wellbeing of whole woman with a 360o approach towards a Woman’s care.

Are you a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure?

Minimally invasive procedures are not for everyone and only your doctor can determine if a minimally invasive surgery is right for you. These procedures have been proven to be as effective as those of conventional surgery and more than 20 million Americans have had them.

Benefits of minimally invasive procedures

Not only do these procedures usually provide equivalent outcomes to traditional “open” surgery (which sometimes require a large incision), but minimally invasive procedures (using small incisions) may offer significant benefits as well:

Quicker Recovery – Since a minimally invasive procedure requires smaller incisions than conventional surgery (usually about the diameter of a dime), your body may heal much faster.

Shorter Hospital Stays – Minimally invasive procedures help get you out of the hospital and back to your life sooner than conventional surgery.

Less scarring – Most incisions are so small that it’s hard to even notice them after the incisions have healed.

Less pain – Because these procedures are less invasive than conventional surgery, there is typically less pain involved.

Through the use of the devices such as the da Vinci® surgery system, doctors are able to offer a minimally invasive option for even the most complex myomectomy and hysterectomy procedures. After da Vinci surgery, patients experience shorter recovery times and faster return to normal activities resulting in better clinical outcomes.

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