Mango Babies

Mango Babies


Mango Babies™

Mango Babies is a maternity portal created by Women’s Center for Integrated Health to assist all of our expectant and new mothers with an ecosystem of best of breed and unique goods and services.

The idea of “Mango Babies” was conceived from Dr. Price’s many trips to the Caribbean for both vacation and faith-based mission work over the past two decades. While traveling to render assistance to those in need, Dr. Price found a special love for the island of Jamaica and its wonderful scenery, people, culture and foods. Her husband’s families are natives of Jamaica, which has inspired Dr. Price to bond with the people from this unique paradise. While experiencing the mystical beauty of the island, Dr. Price found warm, open families, expectant mothers who glowed in the vibrant sun, and happy newborn babies. On every trip, whether coincidence or not, mangoes were always served at each meal. Upon returning home, she would proudly say, “I took care of so many ‘mango mommies’ and delivered a few ‘mango babies’ this past trip!” From those heartwarming experiences, Mango Babies was born. Dr. Price’s desire was to have a place for all expectant mothers to retreat to find helpful information, unique and natural products, and services that met their needs. Interestingly enough, mangoes are not only delicious and sweet, but rich in Vitamin B6, C, & E, and are high in fiber.  Dr. Price’s daughter ate both fresh and dried mango slices almost daily during her first few years of life. That little girl became the first (un-official) Mango Baby!


We encourage all expectant Mom’s to take a look at our Mango Babies page on the website.



The Mango Babies portal includes:

    • Local Maternity Services, Mango Babies™ health and beauty aids, unique online merchandise, access and pickup for 2-D/3-D ultrasound videos and a secure online photo album (*made available to WCIHNJ patients to share with friends and family).
    • Local Pregnancy and Maternity Services: Personal Maternity Concierges, Doulas, Massage Therapy for Expectant Mothers, Infertility Centers and Central Jersey Birth Network
    • Mango Babies brand of health & beauty aids for Mango Mommies & Mango Babies – organic, hand-made compounds, hypo-allergenic and noncomedogenic. Bath Soaps, Oils, Powder, Booty Balm, Stretch mark cream, and more!
    • Unique online merchandise: Innovative merchandise for (Mango) Babies and their (Mango) Mommies including bellycasts, henna and tattoo bellies and decals. Diaper bags from Fathers from and B-Natal lollipops to alleviate nausea due to morning sickness to name a few.
    • WCIHNJ Mango Babies series podcasts from Dr. Price:
    • Secure online photo
      album made available to WCIHNJ patients (Mango Mommies) to share newborn photos with friends and family.
    • Access, View & Download 2-D / 3-D Ultrasound videos imaged at WCIHNJ office


Local Pregnancy and Maternity Services:

Premier Baby Concierge
Personal Maternity Concierges, Doulas, Massage Therapy for Expectant Mothers, Infertility Centers and Central Jersey Birth Network



Central Jersey Birth Network




Unique merchandise for sale at The Women’s Center reception desk and online

Receive direct access to innovative merchandise for (Mango) Babies and their (Mango) Mommies through our Strategic Partners including Proud Body, bellycasts, henna and tattoo bellies and decals. Diaper bags for Fathers from Diaper Dude, B-Natal lollipops for morning sickness and our own Mango Babies line of Babies line of Hypoallergenic Mom & Baby oil, bath and skin products and much more. These items are available for sale both online through and at The Women’s Center for Integrative Health facility.


The Baby Center Mobile App
My Pregnancy Today App – Pregnancy App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. It gives you a pregnancy day by day guide and information, fetal development images, pregnancy checklist with activities and reminders for doctor appointments, and more, videos, a due date calculator and nutrition guide.




Mango Babies ProductsMango Babies organic health and beauty line: Mango Babies products are compounded with only the finest organic, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic PH-neutral ingredients.
We currently offer:

  • “Jamaican Me Crazy” Shea Butter Lotion for stretch marks
  • Booty Balm coconut barrier diaper crème
  • Mango Baby soothing bath foam
  • Hibiscus Bath Bar soap for Mom & Baby
  • Caribbean Trade wind Aromatherapy for Babies
  • Mango Baby Massage Oil & Moisturizer (with SPF 50)


Proud Body
Proud Body: Celebrate pregnancy and capture this special time in all of its grace and magic with affordable, hip and fun pregnancy art products including Belly cast kits, Henna art and Tummy Tattoos.




Diaper DudeDiaper Dude: Diaper Dude is a lifestyle and a Brand that was born from the idea that fatherhood doesn’t have to be complicated or un-cool. Diaper Dude, created by Chris Pegula, is a movement that began after the birth of the first of his three children by turning feminine-style diaper bags into ones that dads would want to carry. Pegula noticed that most diaper bags and accessories sold at retail stores were designed with women’s sense of style in mind. Instead of carrying his baby-stuff around in a gym bag or backpack, Pegula created The Diaper Dude for dads. By merging hip styles with functionality, The Diaper Dude appeals to image-conscience men everywhere looking for ease of use. With the Diaper Dude, dads can easily access the essentials: diapers, bottles, clothes or wipes and toys without taking off the bag! As today’s dads are more involved than ever, Diaper Dude provides a user-friendly approach to making the life of parents easier.




B-Natal lollipops – Sweet relief from morning sickness. B-natal™ is formulated to soothe the symptoms of morning sickness with doctor- recommended Vitamin B6. Available in a cherry-flavored TheraPop™ or a green apple lozenge, B-natal provides sweet relief without any pills to swallow or liquid to drink.



Milkin' CookiesMilkin’ Cookies: Milkin’ Cookies are the creation of the Mommy Doctors, two physicians and moms who wanted to continue nursing while working full time. Milkin’ Cookies are a natural solution meant to help nursing Moms increase their milk supply. They contain food galactogogues — ingredients that can help increase breast milk production. Milkin’ Cookies are delicious and bursting with flavor.



Hot Mama GownsHot Mama Gowns:  Hot Mama Gowns were created as an alternative to traditional bland, itchy, chemical smelling, faded hospital gowns. Those gowns are a far cry from stylish, comfortable, or functional. Further the gowns get in the way of skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. Most of all, new mothers are self-conscious from wearing such an unflattering garment. Pregnancy is not a time to feel self-conscious, it’s a time to be CELEBRATED and feel beautiful and THAT is what Hot Mama Gowns do. Hot Mama Gowns were designed to celebrate birth while providing comfort, convenience and confidence; Hot Mama Gowns allow EVERY woman to feel beautiful. Hot Mama Gowns truly embody and celebrate LIFE; the life created, the life nourished by breast milk, the life of the organic fabrics selectively woven and dyed using only the most natural processes, and the life fulfilled by the hands of Americans sewing Hot Mama Gowns.



Secure online photo and video album made available to WCIHNJ patients

Mango Mommies to share newborn photos with friends and family.
Create a memorable photo album of your newborn Mango Baby online. Access is completely secure and links can sent to friends and family.









Access, View & Download 2-D/ 3-D Ultrasound videos imaged at WCIHNJ office

Patients who have ordered Ultrasound 2-D/ 3-D images of their baby may view and download a copy of their Mango baby’s, orange carpet, movie debut.






Podcast Coming SoonWCIHNJ Mango Babies series podcasts from Dr. Price:

  • The Big Day has finally arrived. “Dr. Price’s Top 10 list to prepare for Delivery-Day ” (D-Day and I don’t mean storming the beaches of Normandy).
  • Thought for today: “Meditate and give yourself a hug.”
  • “Sudden trends, reality TV, urban legend and the (real) real world”
  • Your gynecologist’s spin on “Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll.”
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